Why Should I Join The Studebaker Family National Association?


You can be a part of a long-standing family organization, now over 40 years old, that seeks to strengthen Studebaker family ties and discover more about its history.

Join Because of Our History
  • Learn fascinating stories about your Studebaker family history dating back 269 years in America and even longer in Solingen, Germany.
  • Find out what pioneer Studebaker family was attacked by Indians in Pennsylvania and how many of their children survived.
  • Discover more about the hearty Studebaker family, their hard working restless, pioneering lifestyle and their migration from Pennsylvania to Ohio, Indiana and eventually most other states.
  • Learn how the Studebaker automobile fits into the family picture and what other businesses, innovations and vocations your family members and ancestors engaged in.
  • Discover the roots of your love of the land and this wonderful country way back in your history.
Join Because of the Present Day
  • Enjoy Studebaker family gatherings planned by the SFNA Board of Trustees.
  • Share nostalgic, warm memories at the Studebaker Homestead where original cabins have been moved from as far away as the state of Washington.
  • See a working blacksmith shop and get a picture taken in front of an original Studebaker wagon or buggy stored in our garage.
  • Receive a wonderful Studebaker Family Newsletter full of valuable information, inspiring stories, old and new pictures, and much, much more.
  • After three printed volumes, the genealogical information is being entered into a computer so that it is readily available and can be updated constantly. You can assist in the massive computerization of the three Studebaker family lines (Clement, Peter and Heinrich) by volunteering to input genealogical information.
  • Share pictures and stories about the past and the present so that the Studebaker story lives on for generations to come.

SFNA Membership Levels

For Annual Memberships, you can choose either:  Premium (Newsletter mailed via USPS) for $35.00 a year or Annual E-mailed (e-mailed in .pdf format) for $30.00 a year.

You can also become a Lifetime Member for a one-time $500 membership fee (receive all the perks below, but never need to renew, and save money along the way.

  1. Quarterly mailed Studebaker Newsletter publication
  2. Access to our online archive of Studebaker Newsletters
  3. Access to our massive online Genealogical Data pages

Or join by mail.

Print out the SFNA Membership Application and mail to our office.

Annual Premium Membership
(Newsletter Mailed)

Annual Electronic Membership
(Newsletter Emailed)

Lifetime Membership