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Let us know what you think, as well as providing any corrections you identify, by emailing us at  Thank you.

Read a 2-page article “Myth of Immigrant Surname Changes” by Sandra Studebaker, SFNA Clement-line genealogist, HERE (PDF file(.

For genealogical research inquiries and contributions, please contact SFNA via email by clicking here.


Computerization Sample

As a start in rolling out the results of our ongoing genealogy computerization project, we have mounted a subset of the Clement line on our website.

Click here to check out the basic facts for 550 descendants of John Clement Studebaker [C76] and Rebecca Mohler.

The web pages containing the information will open in a new window. When you’ve finished exploring, close that window to return to this page. Let us know what you think, as well as providing any corrections you identify, by emailing us at Thank you.

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